Questions and answers about our B&B, the location, check-in time, restaurants and tourist guides tips to best experience Florence. If you are not comfortable you can always call or text your questions and we will be happy to reply!

Location and check-in

The B&B is a 15-minute walk from Florence station. Also from the station it is possible to take a taxi and the distance can become 20 minutes.

Yes it is possible to reach the B&B by car but you have to park in a garage because the building is located in the restricted traffic zone (ZTL). The closest garage (only 250 metres away) is the "Parking Duomo" in Via dell'Oriuolo, 14 and you only have to say that you are our guests to get a special rate.

In many accommodations the check-in service is after 1:00 pm, while by us the check-in can be done from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm; those arriving at other times can easily access the room by requesting the entry codes to do a self check-in and in a second time taking care of bureaucratic matters.

It is indeed possible to leave your luggage in the reception room (unattended) if your departure is at the end of the day.

The wi-fi connection is very good in all rooms of the B&B, it is fibre optic and it is also possible to work remotely.

This is one of the most peculiar things you can experience in Italy! The lift is there, but it is for the exclusive use of the other floors and we cannot use it at the moment.

Safe city and bedrooms features

Tips about Florence

Florence is a so-called 'human-sized' city and therefore it is possible to walk around it and easily get everywhere. The centre is particularly safe because there are many clubs and it is well controlled by the police.

The centre of Florence is particularly safe because it is well controlled by the police and because there are many clubs, which is why our B&B is often chosen by solo female travellers.

All our rooms are equipped with a safe placed inside the wardrobe where you can leave your personal belongings such as jewellery, documents or money.

All our bedrooms are tidied and cleaned daily, unless otherwise ordered by guests.

Bedrooms are tidied and cleaned daily and the linen is changed every 3 days. An extra linen service is available at a charge of € 10 (bathroom linen) and an additional € 10 (room linen). 

Our B&B has an agreement with two places in the immediate vicinity (Bar Museo Opera del Duomo and Bar Florerè) where it is possible to have breakfast while sitting comfortably in front of the Duomo.  

The most important museums in Florence are all within walking distance, including the Uffizi Gallery, only 10 minutes away on foot.

During reception opening hours (9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.) it is possible to make reservations for the main state museums and skip the line.

Yes, for several years the municipality of Florence has also provided for evening openings and you can ask for information or look at the relevant sites.

Florence has a rich offer of typical Tuscan restaurants and trattorias and here I mention just a few names but I invite you to ask me during your stay so that I can suggest the right place. For example: Osteria dell'Oca in Via delle Oche (3 min from the B&B), Trattoria Toscana, excellent value for money. For steak, I recommend Marione in Via della Spada or Trattoria S. Lorenzo in Piazza S. Lorenzo.

The Florence-Pisa route is very popular and there are both trains that leave directly from the main station and a coach service that always leaves near the station. It usually takes an hour.

From the main station there are trains that leave every hour and take an hour and a half, or buses that always leave near the station. There are also many 'local experiences' that can be booked to see the sights of Tuscany and taste typical Tuscan wines and delicatessen.

Florence is the crib of Renaissance but rich in history, art, traditions and culture and we suggest with pleasure a tourist guide to best experience Florence. Visit Florence with Angela offers a good ‘edutainment’, a good compromise between education and entertainment!